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About Us

We are a husband and wife couple with a shared passion for animal behavior and care. We have been providing pet services in the Reno NV area since 2017.

We started out primarily doing dog boarding and sitting from our home and while
 it was something the community appreciated and it kept our bills paid, we found that seeing dogs in constant states of over arousal and being so mismanaged and misunderstood by their people was difficult and we wanted to be able to make a bigger impact in the lives of these dogs and their humans. We both already had a firm understanding of canine behavior and operant conditioning, our own dogs were trained well and we had had some experience training other people's dogs. Along with this, we had countless hours of time spent with very many dogs and even when we were just sitting, we consistently got feedback that people's dogs were coming back home with better manners. However, we still wanted to get our hands on more information, learn more methods, and spend more time dedicated towards training dogs. To achieve this, we decided to uproot our entire lives and hit the road, traveling full time for over a year and spending that time learning and training and truly developing our own style. This was time well spent and once we settled back in Northern Nevada and opened up our doors for dog training, the success we experienced was nearly immediate. We are very fulfilled and happy being able to strengthen the bonds between handler and dog!
We have experience with a wide variety of not only different dog breeds but also different species. We consider ourselves animal trainers, not just dog trainers. We have worked with dogs of varying temperaments, backgrounds and ages with a huge variety of owners and expectations. It is our belief that you should train the dog in front of you. Dogs should not all be treated in the same way and not every method will work best for each individual case, nor should the expectations be the same for everyone. For this reason, we teach what will be best for both the owner and their pet, ensuring the highest rate of success.

Our goal is to teach you how to effectively communicate with your companion in a way that is understandable and empowering for both of you.

We believe that you should always be in the pursuit of knowledge as a trainer and we are always learning, to ensure we are up to date on the most modern techniques and can best help our clients, new and old alike. 


Madeline has always lived closely with animals and began training dogs for friends and family as a young teenager. At 18, she was hired on as a dog trainer in a pet store and from there her passion only grew, and before long she was training dogs privately and doing full time pet care. She is also very into genetics, early development, and dog sports.



Daniel worked in the restaurant industry for 10 years and during that time, always knew he wanted to be doing something with animals, and something where his interactions with people were more meaningful and long lasting. While restaurants taught him a lot about customer service and leadership, what he was pursuing in his free time was animal behavior. He has a special interest in using play to train and respecting the genetic tendencies behind each dog he works with.

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